Indiana Horse Council Foundation

The Mission:
We are a 501(c)(3) Indiana non-profit corporation organized in 1992 to encourage support of and funding for worthwhile charitable, scientific, and educational projects benefiting the horse and horse-related activities in Indiana by serving the needs of both donors and recipients.

Programs supported by the Foundation include educational scholarships, horse owner workshops, equine welfare education, rescue and neglect reporting, emergency planning, trails, land use and zoning activities, and second careers for horses. Funds for these efforts are awarded through various programs. A board of directors that is separate from the Indiana Horse Council board manages the funds and awards.

The Funds:
Through your generous donations, the Foundation supports educational scholarships, second careers for horses, medical research, disaster preparedness, emergency response planning, equine welfare education, rescue and neglect reporting, equine assisted programs, and other Indiana Horse Council (IHC) programs.

You can designate your donation toward one or more of our many funds:

• Racing Legacy Fund - 
Retraining and retirement opportunities for Indiana race horses

• Trails Fund -
Acquisition, design and maintenance of horse trails in Indiana

• Indiana Horse Council Endowment -
​IHC educational programs

• Equine-Assisted Programs Fund -
 Use of horses as a therapeutic tool for people with disabilities

• Gail Hall Legacy Fund -
Operation of the Foundation

• Equine Welfare Fund -
Emergency response training

• Scholarship Fund -
funding for education and other scholarships for youth and adults

• Jim Kirkham Scholarship Fund -
 legacy scholarship fund in honor of Jim Kirkham

• Marilyn Paton Kuhn Memorial Fund -
General funding support to the Foundation and IHC programs

• Helping Horses & Humans Fund -
 Second careers for Indiana horses and equine assisted human rehabilitation


Types of Endowments -
  • Undesignated or Unrestricted - You want your charitable gift to accomplish the most to improve the quality of life for horses as well as the quality of life for people through horses. You believe that as conditions change, a group of citizens from the horse community will be best able to assess the current charitable needs and to be creative and flexible in the grantmaking.
  • Field of Interest - You are interested in a particular field (e.g. youth, education, research, horse welfare, therapeutic riding) but you do not want to restrict the grants to be made over the years to any specific organization serving that field.
  • Designated - You have a favorite charity or organization that you would like to support. You thus designate the specific charity or organization that is to receive the grants.
  • Donor-Advised - You may recommend distributions within IHCF funds and to other charitable organizations. Establishing a fund is easy, convenient and inexpensive. The minimum to open an endowment is $5,000, payable in installments (cash, securities and real estate can be accepted.)


 -Indiana Horse Council Foundation Brochure (pdf file)


You may donate to an established fund or, if desired, you may start a fund in your name, someone else's name, or an organization that you designate. You can also donate to a general unrestricted fund.  Check above under the heading "Types of Endowments" for more info.

Contact the IHCF for information regarding starting your own fund at e-mail:

Where We Stand

"The Indiana Horse Council is opposed to any act that causes intentional harm to an equine and which is contrary to the horse's welfare."

Officers & Board of Directors

Becoming a Director on the Board of the Indiana Horse Council offers a unique opportunity to become actively involved in supporting the equine industry. IHC Directors make significant contributions to the organization as well as to specific areas of the equine industry. The IHC Board welcomes individuals with skills in areas such as communication, finance, law, equine legislation, event planning, youth programs, recruiting and human resource management. 

​IHC Board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month and are open to the public. 

For more information, please contact: Indiana Horse Council

Phone: 317-695-7413

or write to: 
Indiana Horse Council
1202 East 38th Street
Communications Building
Indianapolis In 46205-2869
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Indiana Horse Council
1202 East 38th Street
Communications Building
Indianapolis, IN 46205-2869
Phone:  317-695-7413





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