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Presidents News    

Jan 2020 President News

Another year as come and gone! It’s been a year since I was voted in as President of the Indiana Horse Council. It is just a title, as a group we all help each other out.

Thanks to all who showed up at the General Membership meeting. It was great talking and meeting everyone. There were some good comments and encouragement from members and past Board Members. I want to thank all that sent their ballots in for the election and you did elect 2 new board members. I’d like to welcome Bre Smith and Natalie Corvin to the Indiana Horse Council Board of Directors.

During the Board of Directors meeting that same day, we elected Officers. Your officers for 2020 are as follows: 

President David Coyle 

Vice President Victoria Hill

Secretary Jeff Hearon

Treasurer Nick Schmutte 

Assistant Officer is Michelle Lawson

You may ask, Hold on here! What is this Assistant Officer?  The IHC Bylaws say we can have this office to assist an officer.  Nick is the Treasurer and will report all current accounts to the Board.  The Assistant Treasurer will have access to all financial accounts and will be able to report everything though Quickbooks as was done in the past.

As far as standing committees go, I have made a few changes. 

IHC Queen Program will have Bre Smith and Danisa Lewis as Co-Chairs. Ashley Null has been doing a great job and is a past IHC Queen. She is still going to run the queen program, reporting back to the Queen Committee. 

Horse Show Development/Octoberfest: Victoria Hill and Jeff Hearon are Co-Chairs for this Committee.  In the Bylaws it is called Horse Show development. That way we can start looking to have shows in other locations.                                                                            

Marketing/Social Media: Danisa Lewis, Michelle Lawson and Natalie Corvin

Racing Committee: Patty Davis and Jon Chester

Trail Committee: Bill Crane and David Coyle

Long Range Planning: Dustin Everett and Renetta Trissel 

Finance Committee: Bill Crane, Bre Smith, Nick Schmutte and Michelle Lawson 

Membership Committee: Nick Schmutte, David Coyle

Governmental Affairs: Nick Schmutte and Jeff Hearon

Equine Welfare:  Jon Chester and Patty Davis

Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo:  Danisa Lewis, Dustin Everett and Bill Crane as Co-Chairs

I have created an IT Committee. Michelle Lawson, Bre Smith and Natalie Corvin.                                    

Victoria and I will be involved with and attend meeting of these committees. 

As a reminder we have under 85 days until the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo. May 1-3 2020 in Danville, IN.  We have clinicians, a concert, ranch rodeo, vendors, trailers, food, a large kid corral, educators and more!

Plans for Octoberfest are coming along great!                                              

Myself and the BOD look forward to serving you with pride for the coming years and we will need your help as volunteers for our events.  If you can find the time, we would love to have you come help us.

See you soon……


Thank You
David Coyle
IHC President