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Presidents News     December 16, 2019


Hope Ya”ll had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Bill Crane and I spent it with the Indiana Trail Riders Association, after our family duties. We were really shocked at what they do and they do it all over the Trail Systems of Indiana. Larry, Greg, Jim, Yvette and many more made us feel welcome and invited us to their Board Meeting Saturday morning. At the November IHC Board meeting, Bill had made a motion for $100.00 to join ITRA as an Associate Membership. It was discussed and Dustin 2nd it and the motion passed but not unanimously. So, we are getting out there and trying our best to help out. Be sure when you are out riding the trails and see an ITRA member to say thank you to them.

Back to Bill’s motion. You may think that $100 isn’t much to have to get permission to spend. Think of this…if every committee chair spent $100.00 without approval, that would be $1,300.00. Last month when HHF&E co-chairs and our vendor committee went to Ohio for Quarter Horse Congress, they asked for permission first. We paid under $100.00 for 6 people to go there and have already made that back from deposits from vendors they talked to there. I have heard rumors about “How can they spend money to send a group to Ohio when they owe so much money from the past?” Right, the IHC still owes a large amount of money in past bills from years ago. But you have to spend a little to make some. Before the 2019 HHF&E, the board made a motion to pay all of 2019 HHF&E current bills before paying any past bills, so we don’t keep getting more in debt. The day after the 2019 HHF&E, the one and only person who was approved to sign checks out of the HHF&E account wrote a check to a past debt, going against what the board had voted on and making our account overdrawn. Being at a new location wasn’t a good way to start a relationship.

I guess what I’m saying once again. We all may not agree but we discuss it. If it gets a 2nd we vote. We are not getting paid mileage, we do not have contracts, we signed Disclosure Documents, we get bids when we need anything. We use Vouchers for expenses over $00.01, if you want your money back you need receipts. We use board approval for anything over $100.00 and we use an approved budget for the committees. We work through ideas.

Elections are coming up soon. The IHC President's job is to appoint committee chairs and as you know the 2 big events are HHF&E and OctoberFest. I didn’t say they are the most important, but they are the biggest. Knowing now how big the OctoberFest Charity Horse Show is and how much goes on there, I have already talked to and put together committee co-chairs. Patty Davis, Jeff Hearon, Victoria Hill, Michelle Lawson, and Renetta Trissel. The time is now to start putting together show bills and ideas for Oct 9-11, 2020. We look forward to them reporting back to the board after their first meeting.
The next big one is HHF&E Committee. They reported we have 30 Merchandise, 3 food and 2 trailer vendors paid and signed up already. Dustin is getting the Ranch Rodeo together for Friday and Saturday. AIso, I just looked on the HHF&E website he has three clinicians signed up and is working on a handful more. Here’s something different, they're having less clinicians so they can each educate and train a few more times a day. Bill is working hard on the Parade of Breeds. Be sure to watch the HHF&E website and their Facebook page for updates. Look for the Black Friday Sale until Christmas when you can buy Hoosier Horse Fair Tickets Now, 137 days until the 2020 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo and we are moving right along! It's going to be a great one!


Bio’s for voting 2020 board members are on the IHC web site and ballots will be mailed out to the list of members we have. I have had some lifetime members send me their new address. So, the secretary will send them out to their new address. You are also welcomed to vote on the day of the meeting, January 11, at 1:00 pm at the Hendricks Co. Fairgrounds Extension Office. You must vote before the meeting starts per the bylaws. I hope to see a lot of members come and vote. In closing, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!! One thing I do know is IHC is ready for a new year and I am looking forward to the direction this new board will be headed in 2020!

Thank You
David Coyle
IHC President